Dear Dane,

Yesterday, I had a one on one meeting with your kindergarden teacher for your first quarterly evaluation and after what I have learned I want you to know that I am so proud of you. I told papi about the meeting yesterday and we can’t stop smiling.

You never seize to amaze and impress us. Your teacher (Frau Gutknecht) told us that she believes you to be a very smart young man, and she is not the only one who can attest to that. The impression is shared by your other teacher. Frau Gutknecht showed me some of your school work and I came away mightily impressed. Believe me when I say it is super wow! You colored and painted so well and with so much attention to detail. You even write your name on top of your work and your teacher was surprised to see that. Obviously, you are a huge fan of spiderman as you made lots of drawings featuring spiderman and venom.

She said that you have artistic talent. You should know that when I was young I used to be very good at drawing. I drew a lot of faces, places and other things. I remember my aunt (tita Gie) telling me that I was an artist and now I believe that you inherited this talent from me.

I am so glad that you are enjoying your school and that you have already found a best friend. You told me how nice Samuel is to you and that you want me to talk to his mom to invite him to our place and I promise you and papi that I will call his mom on Friday.

Something that is of concern to us is language development. You speak good English and your German keeps improving but it seems that you have some difficulty pronouncing certain letter combinations such as M, N, Größe and Ng. Understandable considering the multitude of languages and dialects surrounding you. I also learned that you are a bit shy. It seems that you only play with Samuel. So Frau Gutknecht suggests getting you into more social surroundings.

I know you have this attitude where you are not very open to other people. You are picky when choosing what people to be friendly and socialize with. Your papi is the same, but try to be open my love. You have a beautiful future ahead of you and we will always be here for you. Do not be afraid.

We love you so much Dane. We couldn’t be prouder of you! You continue to make us happy. I love you young man!


Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Dear Dane,

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter Sunday and in the afternoon we took you out on your first Easter egg hunt. Since it was a beautiful day out with plenty of sunshine albeit a chilly breeze, your Papi and I decided to go down to the lake where there is a lot of open space and many opportunities to hide chocolates and eggs for you to find and discover. As it was your first time, initially you had no idea what this was all about but you caught on quickly. But soon you had as much fun looking for those eggs and Easter bunnies as when we go swimming. While on our way to the lake, you started picking up eggs and chocolates, hiding around corners, in the bushes and the grass. That is when you realized what an Easter egg hunt was all about. You became so excited and were looking around everywhere. Your Papi and I were so happy to see you this happy and enthusiastic. You were screaming and jumping out of joy whenever you saw an egg or chocolate bunny.

At the lake, we continued the hunt. And when you saw my basket empty, you wanted to give me your eggs and chocolates. That was very sweet of you, young man. I am so proud of what you have become. I hope you will continue to be this caring and sweet as you grow older.

When your basket was full, you told your Papi that you were finished hunting. I jokingly asked if you wanted to eat all your chocolates already and you said to wait until we are home. You acted like a grown-up man. So funny and cute and sometimes it makes me sad. I do not want you to grow up so fast. I want to enjoy this stage for a longer time until I am ready. But I guess, I will never be ready.

After a few hours, we left the lake and you were so happy. Whenever we saw people passing by, you were eager to show them how full your basket was. You wanted to let everybody know that you had completed your Easter egg hunt. We are so glad that you had a great time yesterday. Looks like this is going to become a tradition in our family. You, me and papi!

P.S: From now on, I will be dedicating all my blog entries to my little man Dane!

My little Bunny

My little Bunny

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Live, Love and Laugh

Hong kong Getaway 2014

This is a very late post. I wanted to blog about our Hong Kong getaway the moment I set my foot in our office back home, but then I somehow never got to it. So I hope it is still worth your while to read my blog two months later.

Our Hong kong holiday in March was at least as awesome as our recent holiday in the Philippines. It was exciting, fun and relaxing for the three of us. Dane had a great time in Disneyland. It was probably our most fun holiday so far for him as a three year old kid. Seeing Mickey Mouse and all those cartoon characters he knew from tv come to life right in front of his very eyes was a dream come true. Hearing his constant “wows” and “ahhs” was like music to my ears. David and I were so happy to see our little guy jump for joy. We looked at each other and were so happy to be there and having done this trip for our son.

The day after Disneyland, we stayed at the Hotel. It was raining heavily in Hong kong and I wasn’t in the mood to go out as we were relaxing and having fun in the hotel spa. I had been to Hong Kong before with my husband in 2008 and we had already done a lot of sightseeing at that time. So I was happy to just hang out at the hotel for a day and enjoy the facilities. At this point in life, all i want is to enjoy every moment without stress of thinking what to do and where to go next. David on the other hand went to attend a conference so it was just me and Dane. We both enjoyed our day despite missing our big guy.

We ended our holiday with a bit of shopping. Taking advantage of some bargains we could get our hands off. I love Hong kong. The food is extremely cheap yet delicious. The place is exciting, beautiful and always busy. If I lived there I could imagine myself going crazy over so many things: shopping, eating, partying etc, but as much as I love staying cozy and glamorous in our hotel, there’s a part of me that is missing our simple and quiet life in Switzerland.

I want to share some photos which i hope you’ll enjoy. If you are my FB or IGfriend, you may have seen some of these already.

Evening stroll with my chuchi bear

Evening stroll with my chuchi bear

Cutest little guy I know #

Cutest little guy I know

 at my fave HOtel ever! #RoyalPlazaHongKong/

My fave HOtel ever! #RoyalPlazaHongKOng

at our lovely Hotel

at our lovely Hotel

...and just like that David and I turned kids again!

…and just like that David and I turned kids again!

Abundantly blessed!!  #familyholidays

Abundantly blessed!! #familyholidays

Happy Mommy

Happy Mommy

Loving life!

Loving life!

Have a happy Thursday evening with your loves.

live, love and laugh