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Ten Steps For Preventing SIDS

Seriously, I am afraid of SIDS. Call me crazy, but I honestly check my baby every few minutes to see if he is still breathing or safe. I’m sure some other mothers are like me. I really think it is …
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Advice for first-time moms

Since becoming a mommy, I learned that I can… 1 Be patient. I can go on with just an hour’s sleep to attend to my adorable son’s needs. 2. Be selfless. 3. Love unconditionally. 4. Be fearless. I thought I’d …
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Friends and Motherhood

They say: “No man is in island” which I completely agree with. That is why I can’t imagine myself living in a place, thousand miles away from my family, and having no friends at all. I guess that’s gloomy. Thus, …
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