Majorca, Spain 2016

Happy Friday, beautiful friends! I hope you all are having a great time and are ready to enjoy the weekend. As for our family, we are back from a two week fun filled holiday in Majorca, Spain! It was our third time in Majorca and, as always, we had a wonderful time. Dane absolutely loved the trip. Probably his favourite one so far. He doesn’t remember last year’s holiday in Spain, but I am pretty sure that this one is going to leave some marks.

He was so fascinated and excited with everything. Swimming everyday, playing at the mini club, eating gallons of unlimited ice cream everyday, playing in the sand, running around the neighbourhood, dancing and singing at the entertainment club. Soaking up the plentiful sunshine was exactly what we all needed. Dane never gave us a hard time waking up every morning. Thanks to the outpouring excitement he had for this trip.

We did a lot of things this time around. It was my first time to visit the Palma. So we checked out the major tourist attractions, Majorca Cathedral is a must see tourist attraction. Such a beautiful and relaxing place. The view from the top of the Cathedral church is breathtaking. I am so glad we took our time to visit the place. I couldn’t be more grateful for such a lovely holiday we had as a family. David definitely had his turns of rest and that makes me so happy. Seeing him enjoy and relax from all the buzz and hastiness of his work is such a great feeling as his wife.

Anyway, I wish you all a fun filled summer holiday with your loved ones. Life is so beautiful and it doesn’t matter where you spend it. Its all about appreciating and being grateful of the things around us. Enjoy life people!


HOORAY! ​Hours in the pool everyday!


Can’t ask for more ❤️


Found our paradise!

Love and laughter,


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